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Hey all! Charles here. I would like to thank you for taking time to visit, browse(and hopefully buy lol) my shop. I really appreciate it. Now, let me tell you a little bit about this store.


How It All Started

Last 2017, I started a site,, which I created to give readers the most definitive guitar buying guide. I have written in-depth guitar product reviews, based on my countless hours of researching, reading, and listening to sound comparisons.

It was just pure passion, with no idea of where will it go. I'm working for a digital marketing company, and deep inside I have this really deep passion into guitars that I had to let it out.

Fast Forward...

A year later, the site is gaining a lot of monthly visitors. Every month, the site improves in terms of traffic, engagement, as well as affiliate earnings.

I didn't expect that the site will explode. I just want to give pure value, that's all.

Then An Idea Sparked...

Why not offer my own guitar product line?

I have people visiting my site, I may ask about their preferred guitar specs, etc.

That way they don't need to search for what guitars to buy anymore. They'll have the best for their needs. 

But NO. It's too difficult. It's too capital intensive. Too much competition.

That's Why This Shop Is Created

This will I need your help guys. 

Will I jump in? 

I need to validate the market. I need to test the waters.

If you find a good guitar, order one.

If not, then let me know why you're not buying. Let me hear your thoughts, and send them at

Where Are My Products Sourced?

I work with a trusted third-party supplier that do all the manufacturing, processing, and shipping.

Not to worry though, I only work with trusted suppliers. I vouch for these guys, and I guarantee only great guitars.

Should there be any concerns regarding your received product, please drop me a message at I will try to respond in 24 hours.

Again, thanks for visiting my shop! Rock on!